Epinephrine Injection USP, 0.1mg/mL

Epinephrine Injection USP, 0.1mg/mL

IMS 3316

Beyond Surgical

  • $179.99

  • Single Dose / Protect from light by retaining product in carton until ready for use
  • Do not use if the injection is pinkish or darker than slightly yellow or contains a precipitate
  • Store at controlled room temperature 15 degrees to 30 degrees C
  • Caution: Handle glass with care. Inspect for damage prior to assembly

Each mL contains epinephrine, 0.1 mg; sodium chloride for isotonicity; citric acid and sodium citrate as buffers; hydrochloric acid to dissolve epinephrine and for pH adjustment; and sodium bisulfite, 1mg, as antioxidant.

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